Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beginning the Camp!

    Monday was the first day of camp. We had most of the activities planned out for the kids but were a little nervous when we saw all the kids beginning to enter. At first, it seemed extremely overwhelming to have to entertain over 70 kids for a full week. Luckily, the Dominican teens were very helpful and assisted us with many of the activities. Surprisingly, Monday went very well. We all managed to work together with the teens and provide the children with a great first day of camp. It was rewarding to see the excitement the kids had for the upcoming week and made the trip worthwhile.
            Tuesday also went well. The kids were growing more comfortable with all of us as we were with them. After our second successful day of camp, we went to begin our murals with the Dominican teens. We all decided on a few designs we liked and started to paint. Unfortunately it began to rain so we chose to continue the murals the next day so as not to ruin our hard work. Upon arriving back to the parish, we noticed a large area of mud in the volleyball court. We decided it would be a good idea to make a mudslide. After running and jumping in it a few times, it wasn’t long until all of us, including the Dominicans, were coated in mud. We later learned that the Dominican teens had never experienced a mudslide until then. We were happy to share that experience with them, I’m sure it is something we will never forget. 

Written by Tori

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